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100 Mirrors

While legislation and culture in Europe ensure equal rights fINTERREG Logoor women, this is not reflected in the reality for women on a day to day basis.  There is still a lack of women higher levels of business and across all business sectors.  In addition, there is still a substantial gap in pay. This project aims to improve this by developing a web site where women will showcase their experiences, skills, abilities and the difficulties they have faced. It will provide a learning and mentoring tool which is a source of knowledge, inspiration and support.

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The aim of T-ISSE proposal is to respond to the increasing need in competitiveness of individuals, which are developing or will develop their activities in the current social economy sector. T-ISSE will foster the acquisition of innovation skills in social economy collectives, such as social workers in rural area, people working with immigrants and elder people, social economy related business advisors, etc. The proposal is divided in 2 parts: 1) Identify and share the different capabilities that must have individuals to be able to innovate such as “ability to learn, to create…” and the different interaction spheres where these can create value in the social economy “users, product/services…”. 2) Identify and share through a platform training modules to help individuals to acquire the skills needed to be innovate in social economy related activities. This process will benefit individuals actuating in social economy since it will become an instrument for knowledge generation and will put at their disposal a wide range of training and vocational modules that can use and apply to be more proactive to the actual and future labour market needs of the sector promoting at the same time the integration of learning with working.


The EU Jobs Bank project concentrates on fostering the dialogue between VET and work life to respond to the needs of employers, especially in terms of skills to be gained by students/future employees during their time in school. Project partners from VET schools, NGOs, labour market and guidance centres take part in this survey-based project in order to support transparency of VET and they believe that the project objectives are crucial to improve the employability in EU countries. The primary methodology “conducted surveys” will result in reports which will guide partners towards obtaining the possibility of a “labour market relevant education”.


CURE develops innovative solutions to the question of how the creative economy can play an active role in urban renewal processes in medium-sized cities in North West Europe. The strengthening of the creative sector, the design of supportive networks for creative entrepreneurs and the provision of appropriate space and buildings will lead to revitalised urban quarters (creative zones) with a new identity and strong and prosperous communities in medium-sized cities in NWE.

SD Teaching

Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for future generations. It ties together concern for the carrying capacity of natural systems with the social challenges facing humanity.

The topic of the project has a common importance across all European countries: personal development, environment protection, sustainable actions and behaviours and citizen responsibilities towards society and future generations. Those are elements to be transmitted and developed at all educational levels and that should be integrated in to all EU training system. The SD TEACHING Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project will post and share information, news, meeting, activities, results about the project developed by the partner organisations from Turkey, Italy and UK. More information at


Green skills have to be improved in the entire work force, in order to build a resource-efficient and competitive economy, and to reinforce the competitive advantage of business, in particular SMEs. VET training can be the shortest way for people in need of re-qualification and re-training to acquire the skills needed by the labour market and to be reintegrated in the workforce.

INTEGREEN intends to study the service sector’s professions (commercial, logistics, administration, sales…) and those professions that, due to their subordinate/administrative/commercial positions, do not have a direct link with environmental protection, but still need to be informed and have knowledge on topics such as waste management, energy saving, and sustainable actions in daily work to better suit the needs of the professionals they support, work for or work with. MOre info at


This project aims to provide support to people changing careers in mid-life and need a complete life/work plan to adapt to the changes in their lives. Starting from the individual’s mission and vision in life, based on personal skills, ambitions and interests, the project can help to empower them to make changes in their lives and start a new career path

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  • Digital Skills Academy
    New Get DigitAll Course for 16-25 year olds
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    Local MP Visits Cre8te
    It was a pleasure to host Tommy Sheppard MP yesterday here at Castlebrae Business Centre.  Our building has been undergoing a major refurbishment over the past year...

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